The Sandwich Cake!

Happy British Sandwich Week! Yes that’s right, if you didn’t know already, now is the time to gorge yourself silly on sarnies to do your bit to celebrate. Even better, make a sandwich cake! I took inspiration for this from the Swedes and their traditional sandwich cake called a Smorgastarta. Using traditional British fillings of… Continue reading The Sandwich Cake!

Mexican Torta

This traditionally Mexican sandwich takes centre stage because of last week’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations; a mainly US based festivity to ‘commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862’. It’s a classic tale of big vs. small, fighting against the odds like Leicester City in the… Continue reading Mexican Torta

The Fish Finger Butty

The fish finger sandwich is a British classic! Or so I’ve been told up until this point, since I had never before tried one for myself. You may wonder if I’ve been living under a rock but in fact it was my childhood dislike for fish fingers that stopped me before. Simply, I thought they… Continue reading The Fish Finger Butty

Tandoori Pancake

Flip this Pancake Day on its head by trying out an unconventional but delicious savoury option. The savoury aspect in itself might be adventurous enough for some but I dare you to walk on the wild side life and bring Indian flavours to the mix. Using tandoori chicken tikka and mango chutney, this alternative style… Continue reading Tandoori Pancake

The Christmas Leftovers

The final present of Christmas is undoubtedly the leftovers! Not least do they help us to drag out the festive period until the very last cheese crumb and pile on the last few excusable pounds before the January diets kick in, they also make for perfect sandwich fillers. With the variety of meats, cheeses and… Continue reading The Christmas Leftovers

The Roti John

It was Diwali not long ago, the Hindu festival of lights, where light over darkness and good over evil is celebrated. It just so happens I celebrate food over evil all day e’ryday and whilst Diwali is an official holiday in Singapore and Malaysia (amongst other countries), it seems appropriate to focus on one of… Continue reading The Roti John