Bacon, Salmon & Avocado Wrap

This week, I NEED to draw your attention to this wrap of champions. This is a great example of where cream of the crop ingredients are combined to create pure perfection. Godfather of pork? Obviously bacon. King of the fish? It’s got to be salmon. Superstar of veg? Bow down to the avocado. The flaked… Continue reading Bacon, Salmon & Avocado Wrap

The Falafel Wrap

If you’re like me, it’s around about now that you realise the gravity of your new year’s resolutions. Three weeks in and the outlook of healthy eating, exercise and generally being a better human becomes so much clearer and daunting. Well, I believe in us! And this falafel wrap will help us on our way-… Continue reading The Falafel Wrap

The Christmas Leftovers

The final present of Christmas is undoubtedly the leftovers! Not least do they help us to drag out the festive period until the very last cheese crumb and pile on the last few excusable pounds before the January diets kick in, they also make for perfect sandwich fillers. With the variety of meats, cheeses and… Continue reading The Christmas Leftovers

The Thanksgiving Leftovers

This week I’m getting into the Thanksgiving spirit by making Ross’ legendary leftover sandwich. You know, the one from that episode of Friends?! If you need reminding or in fact lived under a rock in the 90s, this sandwich was stolen and eaten by one of Ross’ co-workers rightfully causing Ross to enter a state… Continue reading The Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Roti John

It was Diwali not long ago, the Hindu festival of lights, where light over darkness and good over evil is celebrated. It just so happens I celebrate food over evil all day e’ryday and whilst Diwali is an official holiday in Singapore and Malaysia (amongst other countries), it seems appropriate to focus on one of… Continue reading The Roti John