The Thanksgiving Leftovers

This week I’m getting into the Thanksgiving spirit by making Ross’ legendary leftover sandwich. You know, the one from that episode of Friends?! If you need reminding or in fact lived under a rock in the 90s, this sandwich was stolen and eaten by one of Ross’ co-workers rightfully causing Ross to enter a state of HANGRY. I for one know this state all too well.

What makes this sandwich different from any ordinary leftover sandwich is what Ross describes as the ‘moist maker’ – a slice of bread in the middle dunked in gravy. It’s a sandwich that keeps on giving!

Turkey slices
Cranberry sauce
3 bread slices

1. Lightly toast your bread slices. Dunk one side of your toasted slices in a bowl of gravy and leave aside to soak in whilst you assemble your sandwich.
2. Spread 2 tsps of cranberry sauce on one side of one of the other slices of toasted bread and top with half of the turkey slices and half the stuffing.
3. Top with the ‘moist maker’ gravy side down, and repeat the process starting with the cranberry sauce, then the turkey, stuffing next and lastly the last piece of bread.


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