The Cypriot

I admit this might not be the most traditional type of Cypriot sandwich but I’ve at least maintained the halloumi and we all know that’s the best bit anyway. I would describe the humble halloumi as a bit like Stannis Baratheon (Game of Thrones talk happening now soz); related to the king, cheddar obviously, so up in there in the ranks but satisfyingly salty … because Stannis spends a lot of time at sea?

Anyway, halloumi is great. This sandwich is great so go eat it now!

Rye bread
Sun dried tomatoes
Block of Halloumi

1. Cut your halloumi into fairly thick slices baring in mind that they can very easily break in the pan so we do not want them flimsy. Dry fry the slices in a pan, not touching them for around 5 minutes whilst the cheese releases a liquid.
2. Once that liquid has cooked off, turn the cheese over to cook the other side. Continue flipping until both sides are golden.
3. Rye bread usually comes pre-sliced but if not, get slicing thin pieces. Spread a thin layer of mayo on to both sides and top with rocket, a couple of sun dried tomatoes and a slice of halloumi. Enjoy open faced or topped with another slice of bread!


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