The Easter Bacon Bunny

With the Easter weekend becoming a distant memory, use up your leftover hot cross buns on this darer of conventional thinking and YOLO advocator – that’s right, it’s a hot cross bacon bun! It was Sainsbury’s who I saw suggest this combination and I must say, bravo. How has noone married these two great foods before, or if so why stayed so quiet about it!? I’m not one to dismiss a savoury/sweet mix up but this invention certainly never crossed my mind in the past and I think that’s because I’ve associated them to different scenarios; bacon being the hangover saviour and hot cross buns an afternoon treat. Alas, they’ve come together and created something wonderful. This sandwich has inspired me to open up my eyes to future food combinations and believe that yes, anything is possible in this world that we live in.

 Fun fact: Hot cross buns signify the end of Lent with the cross representing the crucification of Jesus and the spices representing those used to embalm him at burial.

Hot cross buns
Bacon (I used smoked)

1. Slice the hot cross bun in half, lengthways and lightly toast.
2. Meanwhile cook the bacon under the grill until crispy.
3. Butter the hot cross bun and fill with bacon 🙂


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