Eggs Florentine/Royale

That yolk though… it genuinely upsets me if I manage to overcook the yolk of an egg. It has to be runny, end of. So thankfully the eggs turned out perfect when I made this eggs florentine/royale mash up for some friends who visited for the weekend! I feel every weekend should include a slap up breakfast and at £7ish this is an affordable option that looks super fancy and goes a long way.


Ingredients: (for 4+ portions, approx. £1.80 pp)

Smoked Salmon – £3

Hollandaise sauce – 90p

Spinach – £1

Eggs-  £1.25

English Muffins – 70p

Vinegar (method says white wine vinegar but I used normal) – 70p

Ground pepper

Method: I won’t give you the complete run down as really the main skill is in the poaching (which you can learn here) and the rest is assembly. Compile your tower of goodness whichever way you like but toasted muffin with a bit of butter then spinach then egg then salmon then hollandaise and finally some ground pepper is my personal favourite.


Oh, it is JUST SO GOOD. Hope you liked it Pinchy and Chella!


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